Drive up the driveway and into the shed for parking. 

The doorway is inside the shed.


introduction rooms


Clients will be placed into the Introduction Room.

The ladies will come in one by one and introduce themselves to you. 

This is where you ask QUESTIONS if you have any.




FULL SERVICE - Massage, Sex and Oral

MASSAGE - Massage and Hand Relief. 

OTHER SERVICES - Is at the ladies discretion. You need to ask. 


CURRENT - Ladies during Covid19 do not have to offer kissing. 

Under the laws I can not force them to offer kissing services. 

I also can not force them to not kiss.

Ladies discretion. 


CURRENT - Clients showing flu like symptoms will be refused entry and service.





No shower? NO SERVICE

Especially during COVID - you will shower, use hand sanitiser and mouthwash.

The shower includes washing MORE than your manhood. 

YOU WILL wash all of your body including face and butt crack (no one wants to smell your butt during a bj - yes this exists)




15 and 20 mins bookings may have a WATER or SOFTDRINK


30 and 45 mins bookings may have 1 beer. 


1 hr booking may have 1 beer.



  • Ladies ONLY have to offer "Full Service". If ladies offer other services, these need to be discussed.
  • If you choose "Massage Service", up to the ladies discretion if she is clothed or unclothed. 
  • Other services may cost EXTRA money at ladies discretion. It is illegal for owner to state otherwise.
  • No client gets a refund. Under any circumstances. This is a very high illegal motion. I CANNOT refund - so PLEASE pay attention to what lady you are choosing. A "refund" falls under Sex Slavery. 


I need everyone to pay very close attention to the next statement


The ladies are to offer a service to help a client towards their "happy ending"


If a client has had drugs, alcohol, medication that declines your manhood from paying attention -  NOT THE LADIES FAULT


The client not reaching their happy ending from a recreational day/night is your own fault. 

No - you do not get your money back. 

No - It is not the ladies fault. 


Clients will be respectful and use manners at all times, even if your manhood has given up for the day/night.