Vickie Vixen herself is not staying. 


Apologies to everyone. I can't fit in 20hrs a day work, then try to kids, personal life, sleep etc. 

I'm tired. I'm exhausted. I'm past zero fucks given. 


I don't really need to be here. There's 50 other places I'd prefer to be. 




If someone wants a chance at 8 Hams street after I leave. 

You are -


1. Moving you're business in (having your own contents, website /  domain, contacts, paperwork etc). You will need to be in contact with landlord and organise your own lease. 


2. Buy my contents, domain, paperwork. My lease ends when I vacate, you will still need to get in contact with landlord. 


There will be no selling of the business name Vickie's Vixens in either option. 

You will need to organise your own Business Name (ABR)

Only domain included in the offer. 


Email, call, text for more information. Contacts Page. 





Question Person - Just pay me to run it for you! Please? I need cash in hand only though. 

Vickie Answer - no, fuck off. 


Question Person- How about you pay me $1k a week, I'll handle everything for you!

Vickie Question - You have a Business Certificate?

Answer Person - No. 

Vickie Question - You have a Managers Certificate?

Answer Person - No. 

Vickie Question - Oh you've got a Receptionist Certificate, maybe Book Keepers?

Answer Person - Nope. 

Vickie Question - So you want a grand a week to do what? Answer the phone and buzz a room? With no qualifications?

I myself actually have to come in, do paperwork, fix computer, organise ladies, wash, cook, clean, website, bills and manage you so you can answer the phone and push a button? Fucking shitting me. 

Answer Person - It's just a brothel. I don't see the problem. 

Vickie - *blinking* how about fuck off? The brothel still falls under the same business laws, council and tax as everything else. It's not sitting there free while I abuse it. There's still bills to be paid and work to be done. 


Question Person - No, leave YOU'RE business name there and I can just manage it for you. 

Vickie Answer - No, I am leaving. Balls up and run it yourself. Why you need to hide under my business name? Sounds shady. VERY SHADY.


Question Person - I need to see all you're paperwork So I know how much money I'm going to be making first. 

Vickie Answer - Why? How I run the business compared to how you run the business is not the same outcome of profit. When having the skills and knowledge to run businesses, you don't need other peoples paperwork so you can justify how much money you think you can make - YOU ALREADY KNOW YOU'RE WORTH TO MAKE IT. 

DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT check my shit out and assume you will have the same outcome.

I've already tried this several times now with a handful of people. *laughs* These people can't stay sober long enough to remember what day it is. GO AWAY. 


Question Person - But I really need you to run it for me after you leave because I have no idea what I'm doing. 

Vickie Answer - Then you will pay me to run it. 

Question Person - I thought we was friends, why can't you just run it for me? You can still work as a sex worker for spare cash if needed. 

Vickie Answer - Why would I manage it for free and work for spare cash? I have a business diploma!! What are you doing for work if I'm managing it for free and working for spare cash? Can you please say that out aloud so you can hear yourself. Thankyou. 


For the love of  god people. 


I work at all times. I work 15/20hrs a day to get work done or to afford what I want. 


If YOU want a piece of anything that goes on here, YOU will work to make it. STOP expecting me to hand you what you want while you sit around doing nothing. No one owes your wannabe entitled ass anything. 


I am more than happy to shut, walk away with everything and leave the place bare with no one in it. Zero fucks given.